Overcoming anxiety workshops


The BeYOUnique workshops create an experience and a hands on approach to address and work through the components of anxiety. Feeling free, understood, not alone, validated and leaving fulfilled are the proven results from my workshops!

You might not know what you're feeling until you show up. You might think there is nothing "wrong”, but I have a way of getting you to DIG a little bit deeper to discovery!

To walk into a room full of women you don’t know...you couldn’t have paid me to do that a few years ago. It was heavy but it was needed. This is for ME!

Laura Cary

During this session, we dug deeper into our anxiety and how we allow those negative voices in our heads to dictate our lives. Justina showed us positive ways to encounter those negative thoughts about ourselves! I will say it was truly a blessing and pleasure to attend my second workshop and get to the root cause of my anxiety.

Alicia Azahar

My soul needed this!!!

Erica Bynum
Workshop Details
What to expect

SELF DISCOVERY by identifying patterns that are blocking the path to success

COACHING TECHNIQUES to finally ADDRESS your anxiety, MIND DUMP and work through negative mindsets and self-talk.

You vs you
Self Awareness

No matter what obstacle it is that you may be facing, the workshop will help steer you in the direction you have been struggling to maintain. Once you show up and commit yourself to the process, you will notice within the first hour how you have been the one in your own way and you will be ready to take on the next steps leading to your breakthrough!

Enjoy 90 minutes devoted to RELEASING and working towards LETTING GO. Along with other activities to help with ACCEPTANCE in honoring YOU and YOUR feelings!

Come one come all

SUPPORT SYSTEM Empowerment in being a part of a sister circle forum where everyone shares and feels validated.

IT'S A SELF CARE OUTLET. You start to remember who you are and you feel SAFE to authentically be you.