Group Coaching Program

It’s time to stop suffering in silence and feeling alone internally because you feel misunderstood and don’t want to be a burden to anyone! Join a community of women just like YOU!

Do any of these sound familiar? IF so, you're in the right place.

Whew! You're not alone

Thoughts like these kept me confined mentally for years and I truly thought I had no one to talk to and I felt that no one truly understood my struggles with anxiety because they only saw the happy and fun side of me. I also just HATED the responses I got from people who downplayed my struggles because of who I was or how they perceived my life, and so it turned me off from sharing. I eventually got out of my own way!

Benefits of Group Coaching

How does feeling UNDERSTOOD sound? Good right!? What about connecting with like-minded women who are going through THE SAME things that you are experiencing? 

Ok well what about all those things PLUS an expert in this matter? Someone PRESENT and accessible to you weekly, helping you identify the exact thoughts that have been keeping you stuck in a state of chaos and providing guidance to help you eliminate them, so that you achieve mental freedom?

Group Coaching allows clients to learn how to express their issues comfortably and to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues. 

Experience this empowering online forum to receive transformational guidance, support, and accountability to address, release and work through internal barriers in a group setting.



“The 8-week Program was just an amazing experience! It was so therapeutic and life changing to work with Justina & other women coping with life changes. This Program has literally changed my life & given me the strength and hope that I needed to persevere!”

Pattra Smith , 32
Preferred Financial Specialist

“My experience from the Group Life Coaching Session was definitely something that I needed in my life. Justina Ingram Jennings opened my mind to many things I had never considered since I retired on July 28, 2021. She taught me just because I am retired doesn't mean my life is over. She brought out so many new things that I could do for myself. "

Rosalyn  Quigley, 60

“Thank you, Coach Justina for this amazing experience. The Breaking Barriers Community is a safe place to be vulnerable with other women without judgment. These group sessions gave us the opportunity to hold each other accountable, focus on our individual challenges, self-worth, and work toward our goals.

Suppouria  Rogers, 48
Insurance Adjuster

Program details

Session: "Owning What You Feel"

Session: Goal Setting

Session: Whine Down

Session: Reboot

Session: Self Discovery, Purpose & Passions

Session: Self Care Accountability