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Are You A Business, Organization, Corporation Or Gym Seeking An Outlet For Your Community To Practice Self Care, Team Building Or Counsel? Let’s Discuss How I Can Be Of Service!

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Our Services And Programs Will Help Your Team Move Forward With Hands On Solutions,
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prioritization and Planning




What We Offer

For Administrators, Faculty and Staff, 1 session a month per person (45mins), Daily Mental Habit Check in System, Unlimited Email Support Zoom or Mobile (Virtual) and Administrative Support

✔️A Designated Life Coach for Campus

✔️Self Work Assignments for accountability

✔️Scheduling System & Progress tracking

✔️Tailored and varied per individual

(Virtual or In Person) 2 Hours-$850 up to 25 pp (supplies included)

3-4 Hours $1500 up to 50 pp (supplies included)

Full day workshops offered per request

✔️Anxiety overview

✔️Journaling Exercises

✔️Breakout sessions

✔️Hands on activities

✔️Coping techniques and strategies

For Administrators, Faculty & Staff, After school program, Duration 60 mins, Support group forum twice a month

✔️Face to face

✔️Circle setting for engagement

✔️Group accountability & feedback

✔️Hands on activities

✔️Coping techniques and strategies