Your breakthrough is HERE, and I am so happy that you arrived!

It’s time to pay real attention to your anxiety and finally feel accomplished and proud of yourself from the steps you took towards
managing it vs feeling defeated, lost, alone and at a standstill with your anxiety.

60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal
60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal
60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal
60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal

60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal

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You don’t have to struggle and feel lost in your anxiety anymore. It’s okay that before you didn’t know how to approach inner healing or deal with emotional trauma. Now you have a way. If you are in the early stages of dealing with your anxiety not knowing how to process your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, then this will be heaven sent for you.

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Benefits You Get When Purchasing the 60 Day Anxiety Guidance Journal

New Approaches to Healing

You might have tried all sorts of ways to approach healing and are on the verge of giving up. However, you might just need a new approach or way of looking at the problem to help you make a massive leap forward. This is it.

Immediate Support

Utilize empowering tools to help you with fear, overthinking, overwhelm, triggers, letting go and overthinking.

Self Guided and Instructional

This is a journal and workbook all in one. The information is being presented to you in a thoughtful way that's going to increase the clarity and focus that you've longed for at your pace.

You are strong, you are POWERFUL, you are special, and you are not alone- no matter how much anxiety tries to tell you otherwise.

Expert Provision

Receive insider reflections throughout the journal of the author’s own struggles that she faced with anxiety and advice along the way of how she managed it.

It's time for YOU

This journal helps to guide you and support you through the top five struggles of anxiety at any time during your 60-day journey. Letting go, overthinking and being consumed by fears are top tier with anxiety, along with triggers and the feelings of overwhelm! You have access to activities in this journal that will help you with immediate relief and you can re-use them anytime in the future.


Accountability beyond daily check ins. You have access to activities and exercises that allow you to see immediate shifts in your well-being and mindset. Guidance to holding yourself accountable to monitoring how you are before things shift and being aware of what is occuring at the present time causing your symptoms.

Customer Reviews

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REAL Life Journal

Working through my anxiety is ongoing, but since using your journal I have truly experienced a breakthrough! I feel like I have a "real life" therapist guiding me and holding me accountable for my emotions, behavior and actions. AWESOME job and will highly recommend this journal for anyone seeking to be healed.

Excellent journal!

This anxiety guidance journal is a game changer. The way it’s structured allows me to really process and label my feelings adequately.
I love the weekly self-work activities. It holds me accountable. The list of emotions page is extremely helpful for me to process how I’m feeling that day. There are just so many components of this journal that will help me to identify and process my emotions, thereby allowing me to be more aware and in control when negative emotions arise. I would recommend this journal for anyone. Only expect growth when you’re done!


I loved it and I think it was so well constructed!!! It really helped me look at my self and reassess my goals and emotions…

Frequently Asked Questions

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The short answer is that this journal is primarily for women (girls, teens and adults) that are at any stage in their life needing guidance on how to understand, manage and receive guidance for their anxiety.

Side note: Men can also utilize information from the journal. My review above is from a male's perspective, so it CAN be of value to men as well! Soon there will be a journal DESIGNED for men. Stay tuned guys!

Yes! I highly encourage it. This journal is a hands on tool that can hold you accountable to your sessions or is a great option post therapy or coaching.

I highly recommend challenging yourself to follow the criteria because the journal was created to ensure measurable results that are long term. However, if there are times where you need a break, you have the option to use it on an as needed basis. There are sections that provide immediate support for particular symptoms that may arise.

This journal will help you implement a routine and habits that create a healthy lifestyle for your mental health to flourish in. It will also hold you accountable to paying attention to you and discovering things you never knew or understood about yourself and your anxiety. You will also receive solutions and activities that you can reuse and refer back to when you are in need of anxiety relief.